martedì 14 gennaio 2014


Youkai is the term oftenly used  to refer to a class of demons, ghosts and spirits which are typical of the Japanese folklore. It was quite a while from the last time I had visited the manga shop, and I think it was even more since I had bought and read an actual manga. 
Two weeks ago I went there to buy a present for a friend, and then I obviously  found myself buying mangas for me. I especially love stories setted in medieval Japan or referring to Japanese folklore, with youkai and spirits, I could say I was grown up by InuYasha's manga and anime in my teens, so I suddenly felt so much inspired to draw Japanese monsters! 
the picture's just about a story of mine, one of those I had thought  about every character and every character's story without really figuring the actual story, still it is useful to make pictures about ^^
watercolour isn't finished, still I have already managed to mess it up. 
I guess I'll finish and try to fix it,by the way, I guess the youkai part hasn't turned out that bad. probabily.

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