lunedì 27 maggio 2013

Oscar first sketches

The Chieftain's Daughter: Oscar

Oscar is a character I like a lot, though he's not a main character. he's quite childish and has kid's responses to events. he's quite an unlucky one too. I guess that's probabily why I like his character.

lunedì 20 maggio 2013

Dinn Keene first sketches

well they're not the very first sketches actually, first sketches are when one has still no idea of what the character's face should look like, these are just rough sketches I made when I began to figurate how I wanted this boy to look like.
somehow I always feel my rough sketches being more beautiful than the final version of my drawings...=P

The Chieftain's Daughter : Dinn Keene ( character from Sam McBratney's novel)

a few months ago I found on an online bookshop this beautiful book: The Chieftain's Daughter by Irish author Sam McBratney. it is no more than 160 pages long and it was presented as a book for kids, still I found it strong and touching, and inspiring, and I recomend it to people loving Ireland, historic fictions and kids' stories. 

Dinn Keene is the story's main character and narrator, he being a fostered young boy ( fostering young kids was a common custom in ancient and medieval Irland, ) dealing with local feuds, the ideals of wandering Christian missionaries, and with the growing up of his green first love. Still the story is not a mushy love story, instead it touches themes quite bitter and tough in a very simple and pure way, in my opinion.

martedì 14 maggio 2013

Onua, the Seine's Guardian

Character from my project Andvarnaut, where she would be an old witch-like woman indeed, but I got this inspiration of drawing her younger while listening some Florence and The Machine's tunes.
 I effectively took inspiration from Florence Welsh herself for the charachter's looking.
Regarding the character's name I would have liked to call her like a celtic goddess of the river Seine or its nearbies: Sequana is the name of Gaulish goddess of the river Seine, but it was too long, so I called her Onua, a short form I made of the name Onuava, another Gaulish goddess related to earth and fertility rather than rivers, but I thought it would fit well however, and the character is not a goddess, in the end, she's a druidess and the River's Guardian.
coloured with watercolours, I still lack some precision with brushes, I have to practice to improve, still I think I've already improved  a lot  from my first tries ( which I've not the guts to show... ^^)

martedì 7 maggio 2013

Heather Dale - Changeling Child

L'enfant des Fées - The Changeling Child

three pages I realized last autumn for a contest.
sometimes I think they're not too bad...then I look again and then change my mind, beyond  the fact that my attempt to write the story in French ( it was for a French contest) did probabily produce a number of grammar errors and nonsenses still unknown in the history of traslation...if we would not consider my attempts to write in English  on my blog, of course  ^_^'
the story was suggested to me by the beautiful song 'Changeling Child' by Heater Dale, still I would have liked to do it  more justice.
Maybe someday I will be able to, I wish so ^^