lunedì 27 gennaio 2014

brush addicted

sometimes once I have started inking, I really get caught by it! so I start making stupid foolish things like trying japanese calligraphy! I made 2 pages full of this, but the most of my tryes were really awful, so I only put here the best ones. 

Youkai 2

I made it ^^ drawn and colored it again...still not perfect, but I like it better now!
the whole idea of this picture actually started from the kappa character, kappa is a little frog-like japanese monster, quite a peculiar one^^ 

lunedì 20 gennaio 2014

I spent most of my week end trying to ink rocks. 
this can sound quite quite crazy, but  people who makes comics often manages to portray things conveying in their pictures the sense of things not just their shape, I envy them so much!

I was inspired by a beautiful comic which a friend of mine lent me:

I  recomend it to people who manage to read in French and probabily in English, I guess from the picture up here, they have it translated in German too^^

martedì 14 gennaio 2014


Youkai is the term oftenly used  to refer to a class of demons, ghosts and spirits which are typical of the Japanese folklore. It was quite a while from the last time I had visited the manga shop, and I think it was even more since I had bought and read an actual manga. 
Two weeks ago I went there to buy a present for a friend, and then I obviously  found myself buying mangas for me. I especially love stories setted in medieval Japan or referring to Japanese folklore, with youkai and spirits, I could say I was grown up by InuYasha's manga and anime in my teens, so I suddenly felt so much inspired to draw Japanese monsters! 
the picture's just about a story of mine, one of those I had thought  about every character and every character's story without really figuring the actual story, still it is useful to make pictures about ^^
watercolour isn't finished, still I have already managed to mess it up. 
I guess I'll finish and try to fix it,by the way, I guess the youkai part hasn't turned out that bad. probabily.

martedì 7 gennaio 2014

willow, live sketches from my winter vacation

well, right, they were live sketches...I was in this little location in the open air, there was a villa, a little wood, trees and a creek. 
as the lazy person that I am would have done, I didn't even try to represent the villa ( architecture? perspective?...please..I was on holiday, remember?), but tried to copy the creek and trees. 
I actually started just copying, but a certain moment I started adding human features to some branches I had previously scketched. I guess I've always loved the idea of  nymphs and living trees.
the first story I drawn while attending drawing school was actually about a willow tree with human feelings ...guess I've always loved willows too, though it was quite a torture to draw it with all its propers branches and leaves then...this time it was easier for it had no leaves ! ^^
oh, I loved the creek running there as well, and there were woods and fens! it was just really inspiring , I think fens always are  
( as long as you don't fall into one...) =)