martedì 25 febbraio 2014


since I started to read the serie, I have longed to draw some Game Of Thrones scenery, so here we are. my first GOT fanart was to be about Dorne, I was inspired by a chapter about its Prince and his palace...though I'm not sure it was supposed to look so eastern, but that's quite how I imagined it...and yes I got some help from a photo of an Arabic Palace...just a rough sketch, with some color tries.  
...guess it looks a bit Disney-like....

lunedì 17 febbraio 2014

making of


in the very first concept of Valentine's post the Little Mermaid was supposed to be this Little Mermaid, but it would have been quite depressing ^^

I'm getting photoshop addicted...

...worse, I just realized I'm getting photoshop's hue-addicted...if I were good at, at least...

giovedì 13 febbraio 2014


took a while to make this one, and I was quite in a hurry coloring the last couples ^^
this year i feel a little more Valentine's mood than I used to, and that's stupid !
indeed  I used to be the Valentine's haters club vice-pres, i guess so...and I can't tell what this change of attitude is due to ..just, I guess, I'd rather like to cheer than complaining again ^_^
and since everyone's saying this is a commercial celebration, well I thought about that, I guess I'm glad it is: that is more work for artist producing cards and jewels, and all that stuff, so if I become good enough to do that that will mean more work for me ^^
however, I had quite a good time making this, trying to represent different ways of love through characters from movies and literature I love ^^ 
so Happy Valentine's my watchers, whatever Valentine's means to you ^^