lunedì 18 novembre 2013

lunedì 11 novembre 2013

Legend of Sadhbh- character scketches

among all Fionn Mac Cumhaill's legends' cicle, one of my favourite is the one telling abut Fionn and Sadhbh, the deer-maid.
 Add this to my love for drawing kids and young girls ( which are the most easy characters for me to draw) and you'll have me making a watercolor sketch about this ^_^
All the full-bodied characters are different versions of Sadhbh, the second one on the right is the most close to what was my original idea, and still probabily my fave. but I love the long-haired dark girl in the right corner too, and she would also be a version of Sadhbh, with a different temper, as her expression should tell.
there's a Fionn's sketch too, and one of another character of mine.
Indeed since i was very young I would have like to draw some story about the Fenian's cicle or sometìhing related to, and I imagined quite a ring of character which would have dealt with Fionn and the original ones. 
I think this kind of cicles always to be fascinanting fields of stories and feelings for a story-teller to explore. 

lunedì 4 novembre 2013


here my work desk, and not its worst working condition...I usually got so many leaves, pens and books on it that I end up moving to another room and another desk to draw...I sometimes use it rather like a quick deposit  than a working place I guess.. XP

King of the Slieve Blooms - back to celtic

... and back to yung Fionn Mac Cumhaill. 
first concept of this scene, I was inspired by the song 'Breath Of Life' watching the Snow White movie, last year. started it in 2012, but I've never come to finish it, for it's too much detailed and I got confused when I try to add color, and I fear to ruin it I guess it will stay this way:

by the way, here's the 2013 version which I'm currently working on in my very free time. I quite like it better and I really think I'm going to end it this time ^_^ ( though it will turn out like a mess, probabily)