lunedì 22 luglio 2013

Two Souls

Onua the Seine's Guardian, and Hel, the Norse child. these were just some secondary characters of a story of mine, but they grew more fascinanting in my mind and I sometimes would like to make their own story sooner or later. it would be not such an original story though: old friendship gone waste etc...
Hel's Character in the beginning was thought to be a man, but she looked so much better as a woman...!

made this while listening  Fever Ray's tunes:
I love the make up this singer wears on her videos.

lunedì 15 luglio 2013


scene from Deborah Lisson's novel TruthSeeker: Sigfrid reaches the Saxons' village. 
I loved that scene, though it was a little different from what I've drawn.
 I've put it at dawn, at least that would be my purpose, and I think  I quite made it so far...still the picture's not finished yet: I just put some watercolour shading, but I'll have to color it more properly. 
Sigfrid should look older. I'm getting too used at drawing kids, this boy doesn't look like a 14-15 years old, does he?
despite all these considerations, I think the whole drawing quite satisfies me, so far.

lunedì 8 luglio 2013


I want to improve in coloring, for I feel someway able to pencil-draw, but I often fear to ruin my works by inking or coloring them, I must overcome it.  
the picture's character is another character from a book I read, Sigfrid from Deborah Lisson's novel TruthSeeker. 
watercolors with some photoshop tweaks.

lunedì 1 luglio 2013

The Blanket Scene, complete

several dialogues belong to the novel's author Sam McBratney.
the scene begins whit young Dinn Keene having just been set in his fostering family, and first captions report what  had been said between his fostering father, Ruadh, and the boy's guardian, Corag Mor, when this one brought Dinn Keene to Ruadh's village.