martedì 7 gennaio 2014

willow, live sketches from my winter vacation

well, right, they were live sketches...I was in this little location in the open air, there was a villa, a little wood, trees and a creek. 
as the lazy person that I am would have done, I didn't even try to represent the villa ( architecture? perspective?...please..I was on holiday, remember?), but tried to copy the creek and trees. 
I actually started just copying, but a certain moment I started adding human features to some branches I had previously scketched. I guess I've always loved the idea of  nymphs and living trees.
the first story I drawn while attending drawing school was actually about a willow tree with human feelings ...guess I've always loved willows too, though it was quite a torture to draw it with all its propers branches and leaves then...this time it was easier for it had no leaves ! ^^
oh, I loved the creek running there as well, and there were woods and fens! it was just really inspiring , I think fens always are  
( as long as you don't fall into one...) =)

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