martedì 14 maggio 2013

Onua, the Seine's Guardian

Character from my project Andvarnaut, where she would be an old witch-like woman indeed, but I got this inspiration of drawing her younger while listening some Florence and The Machine's tunes.
 I effectively took inspiration from Florence Welsh herself for the charachter's looking.
Regarding the character's name I would have liked to call her like a celtic goddess of the river Seine or its nearbies: Sequana is the name of Gaulish goddess of the river Seine, but it was too long, so I called her Onua, a short form I made of the name Onuava, another Gaulish goddess related to earth and fertility rather than rivers, but I thought it would fit well however, and the character is not a goddess, in the end, she's a druidess and the River's Guardian.
coloured with watercolours, I still lack some precision with brushes, I have to practice to improve, still I think I've already improved  a lot  from my first tries ( which I've not the guts to show... ^^)

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