lunedì 20 maggio 2013

The Chieftain's Daughter : Dinn Keene ( character from Sam McBratney's novel)

a few months ago I found on an online bookshop this beautiful book: The Chieftain's Daughter by Irish author Sam McBratney. it is no more than 160 pages long and it was presented as a book for kids, still I found it strong and touching, and inspiring, and I recomend it to people loving Ireland, historic fictions and kids' stories. 

Dinn Keene is the story's main character and narrator, he being a fostered young boy ( fostering young kids was a common custom in ancient and medieval Irland, ) dealing with local feuds, the ideals of wandering Christian missionaries, and with the growing up of his green first love. Still the story is not a mushy love story, instead it touches themes quite bitter and tough in a very simple and pure way, in my opinion.

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