giovedì 13 febbraio 2014


took a while to make this one, and I was quite in a hurry coloring the last couples ^^
this year i feel a little more Valentine's mood than I used to, and that's stupid !
indeed  I used to be the Valentine's haters club vice-pres, i guess so...and I can't tell what this change of attitude is due to ..just, I guess, I'd rather like to cheer than complaining again ^_^
and since everyone's saying this is a commercial celebration, well I thought about that, I guess I'm glad it is: that is more work for artist producing cards and jewels, and all that stuff, so if I become good enough to do that that will mean more work for me ^^
however, I had quite a good time making this, trying to represent different ways of love through characters from movies and literature I love ^^ 
so Happy Valentine's my watchers, whatever Valentine's means to you ^^

2 commenti:

  1. :D c'è anche la Sirenetta con Heric :D e mi pare di intravedere la Principessa Mononoke con Ashitaka in basso a destra..o sbaglio? o.O

  2. sì, sono proprio loro! XD grazie mille per il commento!!!