martedì 10 settembre 2013

Marvel Runaways - Nico & Chase

I came across this marvel comic book Avengers' Arena while i was on holiday and I found it catching and the drawning beautiful, i love both Kev Walker's and Alessandro Vitti's styles, and there was this chapter about two of Marvel Runaways characters, and I loved it very much, and loved the characters very much. 
so I tried to draw them myself, but I was not so original: indeed their looking and clothing don't differ from the official one's, and anyway I love the way Alessandro Vitti represented them much more than the way I did, especially Chase, the boy:

I'm still quite a novice with photoshop coloring, so maybe the colored version( though not finished yet) isn't so good, maybe the colors could be messed up or something like that, I hope not, for as I see them on my pc it looks like a quite good choice of colors.

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