lunedì 22 luglio 2013

Two Souls

Onua the Seine's Guardian, and Hel, the Norse child. these were just some secondary characters of a story of mine, but they grew more fascinanting in my mind and I sometimes would like to make their own story sooner or later. it would be not such an original story though: old friendship gone waste etc...
Hel's Character in the beginning was thought to be a man, but she looked so much better as a woman...!

made this while listening  Fever Ray's tunes:
I love the make up this singer wears on her videos.

2 commenti:

  1. mi piace soprattutto la seconda versione! Però non vale: capelli rossi e ghirigori Irish, sai benissimo che così con me vai sul sicuro!

    1. a parte capelli rossi e ghirigori mi aspetto,esigo!, che i miei disegni ti piacciano a prescindere! XP bella anche la tua ultima tavola! ^^